We are Maggie, Josh, Magnus, & Axel from New York, NY

We’re Looking to Adopt a Baby!

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Walking down our tree-lined street on a warm day in Brooklyn

“A hug is always the right size.”

—Winnie the Pooh


We are Josh, Maggie, Magnus, and Axel, from Brooklyn, NY. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We are excited to meet you through this adoption profile website. We can only imagine how difficult this may be as you consider adoption as one of the options for you and for your child. We hope that learning about us will help you picture the happiness of our home and that it may bring you peace as you make a decision. Please know we will respect your decision whichever it may be.

Our lives have already been touched by adoption through good friends who live just down the block from us, and have adopted three children. Also, through our kids’ school, there is a wonderful adoption community led by our school principal who also was adopted. There are many families touched by adoption in our community.

The two of us (Josh and Maggie) could not be more excited to complete our family through adoption. We always knew that we wanted to have three or four children, and adoption has always been part of our family planning. Along with our sons Magnus and Axel, and dog Margene, our home is full of laughter, music, cooking, and fun.

We hope that the pictures of our normal day-to-day life will show you our home full of love and happiness that we are eager to share with the child we adopt.

— Maggie, Josh, Magnus, & Axel

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The four of us walking to the ice cream shop in Brooklyn

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