“Jason is simply my best friend and the person whom I trust most in the world. He is very caring, loving and is very focused on his family. He is from western New York State and moved to NYC in 2002. Jason has an amazing talent and passion for design, and having gone to art school he is also very artistic.

After moving to NYC he was originally in fashion, worked in real estate and now is a full time stay at home Dad. It’s Jason who brings all the creativity to our relationship, home and life!! However, it’s not just all about art that he loves.

Being from western New York he was raised in a strong sports culture, and is really, really good at ice hockey having been on skates from the time he could walk. It just boggles my mind when he skates backwards effortlessly and I struggle to stand up!

Jason has a very good sense of humor and is a very loyal friend and family member. Many of our friends and family will seek him out first whenever they need advice. He is a great dad and someone our children will be able to confide in.

Jason is very caring and nurturing and is a great Dad to Julia. I feel blessed that I met and built a life together with Jason and now Julia, and can’t wait for us to take the next step on our journey as a family. I also know Jason is very excited and thrilled about bringing another child into our lives.”

“It’s Jason who brings all the creativity to our relationship, home and life!!”


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