We are both very lucky to have close and supportive families and we both share the feeling of being loved from as far back as we can remember. Everyone was extremely supportive and welcoming to Julia and she knows she is loved by everyone. We also feel very fortunate that our families are again as thrilled and excited as we are about bringing a new member into our family though adoption.

Jason is very close with his mother Gail, who spends every holiday with us as well as his younger brother, Dane. We also enjoy spending time with Jason’s dad Jim and stepmom, Bonnie. Jason also has family in France that we enjoy visiting as well.

Simon’s parents Ann and Peter live in England, along with his eldest sister Amanda and her husband Bill. Simon’s older sister Sarah, her husband Stephen and our three beautiful nieces, Gracie, Millie and Hannah live in Australia. We love to get together as an extended family and do so often; thankfully we all love to travel!!

We also enjoy the close support of a number of friends and neighbors who we consider family as well. We are lucky to have made many new friends with neighbors who also have young children and Julia has many friends including other children who were adopted, and she sees them regularly.

We love to host the holidays with our extended family and do so frequently throughout the year. Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are all important times when our family, neighbors and friends gather together. We are looking forward to sharing these celebrations with a new addition to our family and having these traditions become an important part of their life, as it to ours.

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